All information contained in this projects is presented as-is,  and although working prototypes have been constructed, the author cannot guarantee they will work correctly or will be suitable for your requirements. Some of the datasheets for the components used in these projects can be found here. Because of the age of these designs you are  advised to check the availability of all the components (particularly IC's) before commencing construction. If any components are no longer available you will have to modify the project to use a current alternative. Finally, this project may be designed for UK mains voltages and/or video standards and therefore may require modification for use in other countries. Please go to the WebEE  Forum page if you wish to request or share information about these projects with others.

Digital Echo
Diode and LED Tester
Disco VU Lights
Dynamic Range Processor
Eprom Emulator
Eprom Programmer Mk1
Eprom Programmer Mk2
Eprom Prog/Emul PSU
Graphic Equaliser
Headphone Amplifier
Light Operated Switch
Logic Chiptester
Loop Alarm
Mains Power Switcher
Multicore Cable Tracer
PCB Drill Controller
Printer Sharer
Remote Extender Mk1
Remote Extender Mk2
Remote Control Lighting
Surround Sound Mk1
Surround Sound Mk2
Test Pattern Generator
Testcard Generator
Test Plug
Ultimate Screen Saver
Video Effects Unit
Video Stabiliser
Xmas Light Flasher

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